A new opportunity is presented to find a partner in the scope of the Turkey - Singapore call for projects that was opened on the 18th of November, 2021.

This call was issued under Eureka's network projects based on the mutual agreement of participating national and regional funding agencies.

The national funding agencies from Singapore and Turkey have provided funding for companies to collaborate on international R&D projects in all thematic areas. You may find the details of the Call from here.

The companies are required to use the given form here and create their pitches and profiles to share their Project ideas. All the Project ideas that are created up to now can be reached via the links below. Companies are welcome to reach other companies via the provided contact information in the forms.


Project Pitches
Turkish Project Pitches Singaporean Project Pitches

VR Training Platform

Power battery pack enclosure integrated with liquid cooling solution
Efficient Life: Smart and Safe Cities Machine Learning based Edge Anomaly Detection for IoT Devices
Capacitive pressure sensor based on TPU composites Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) based Security Suite
Sanding System Electronic Control and Development Board for a Rail System Development of Product Suite for Muslim Smart Lifestyle
Evend Payment and Telemetry System General IoT Platform for Industrial, Commercial and Personal use
Latent Heat and very ‘Low Waste Heat’ to produce electricity To develop lightweight aggregate from waste materials to product concrete
MS Office Add-Ins Monitoring and Browser Add-Ins Security Assessment Project Elderly Fall Prevention System
Meeting Analytics Software Project Predictive Machine Condition Monitoring System
Video Editing and Collaboration Tool Learning Content Digitisation & Classification
for Personalised Learning System
Robotic Cold Ironing System for Green Ports A Method For Enhanced Lentiviral
Transduction And Improved T-cells Efficacy
Mobile Collaborative Robots for Item Picking  
Electric vehicle alerting sound system  
Access Control and Management System  
Secure computer and application access + screen security with Face Recognition  
Smart Lighting  
Field Team Management Software Platform  
A Multi-Purpose Agriculture Drone  
Smart Robotic Application for Agriculture
Composites with Natural Fibres