• CELTIC-NEXT (funded)

    Next-generation communications

    Next-generation communications CELTIC-NEXT involves all the major ICT industry players, many SMEs, service providers and research institutions to champion a secure, trusted and sustainable digital society. Activities are open to all willing to align their goals with national priorities to advance the development and uptake of advanced ICT solutions.

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  • EUROGIA2030 (funded)

    Sustainable energy solutions

    Low-carbon technologies Eurogia2030 aims to boost the productivity, competitiveness and environmental sensitivity of Eureka countries. Through innovative technologies and energy solutions, Eurogia2030 improves the low-carbon energy market to achieve a sustainable future.

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  • ITEA 4 (funded)

    Software innovation

    Software innovation and digital transition ITEA 4 enables digital transformation by fostering software innovation projects in the smart mobility, smart cities, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering and safety and security sectors. ITEA pushes the important technology fields like AI, big data, simulation and high-performance computing into concrete business cases and applications.

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  • SMART (funded)

    Advanced manufacturing

    Advanced manufacturing SMART projects support the adoption, integration and upskilling of advanced and discrete manufacturing technologies. Your input could help production companies navigate the global shift to advanced manufacturing.

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  • Xecs (funded)

    Electronics Components and Systems and applications

    Electronics components and systems and applications Xecs supports collaborative innovation in the field of electronic components and systems, generating high economic impact and a better life for us all by driving a sustainable digital transformation.

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